And Now For a Short-ish Break

That’s the end of the Structure Unit chapter introductions. Coming up next: Character. When? Oh, you know. Soon. Probably. Haven’t started it yet. End of April maybe?

Tentative Plan for Character Chapter:

Character Definition
Character: The Protagonist
Character: The Antagonist
Character: Supporting Characters Roles
Character: The Protagonist/Antagonist Relationship
Character: The Protagonist/Love Interest Relationship
Character: Establishing a Character
Character: Character Arc
Character: Community
Character: Point of View

As always, suggestions go in the comments. And thanks for reading about Structure!

5 thoughts on “And Now For a Short-ish Break

  1. On the POV section, I struggle with “deep” POV. How do you recognize it from “shallow” POV, I guess? How do you get there? Are there questions you can ask the character to go deeper? I’ve been to workshops on it and, I confess, it still eludes me.



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