Jenny Crusie

Jenny Crusie has a BA in Art Education, which she used to teach elementary and junior high art for ten years and an MA in Literature, which she used to teach high school English and literature at Ohio State, Wright State, and Antioch College. She followed those degrees with an MFA in fiction, which she used to teach creative writing at Ohio State and McDaniel College.  She also has all the course work and exams for her PhD in lit complete, but then she started writing novels to avoid finishing her dissertation and decided she had enough degrees.

About those novels. She’s also the New-York-Times bestselling author of twenty published novels (including five collaborations), two novellas, a collection of short stories, and a book of literary criticism, and the editor of three pop culture anthologies.  Her blog, Argh Ink, has posts on writing, dogs, things that make her crazy, publishing, TV shows and movies, her grocery lists, and random thoughts as they occur to her.

She lives in New Jersey, which is a lot nicer than people think.

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